Happy Bugs Slot

Happy Bugs is a slot machine filled with adorable little bugs, who like to hang out on the couch and down some beers together. The animations are really cute, and the soundtrack helps create a festive atmosphere.

Don’t let the cutsey feeling trick you into thinking this game is for penny wagers only. It is actually possible to wager up to $1,000 per round on this slot! Of course, if you want to wager significantly less than this, that is also permitted.

Happy Bugs Slot

Game developer

This online slot was created by Playtech, a very big game developer. Games from Playtech can be found in a wide range of different online casinos.


This is a five reel slot.


Happy Bugs has 20 paylines.


You can adjust the coin value from $0.01 to $5.

You decide how many paylines to activate, from just 1 to all 20.

You can bet 1-10 coins per active payline.

The smallest possible wager is thus $0.01 x 1 payline x 1 coin = $0.01 per round.

The largest possible wager is $5 x 20 paylines x 10 coins = $1,000 spin. This has attracted a lot of high rollers to Happy Bugs.

Wild symbol

The six-pack of beer is a wild symbol in this slot game, and it can replace any of the regular symbols, but not the scatter symbol or the bonus symbol.

Scatter symbol & Free Spin with multiplier

The pretty flower is a scatter symbol. You need a minimum of three flowers to trigger the Free Spins round. You get 12 free spins, and during these free spins a 3x win multiplier will apply.

The red couch

The red couch is a special bonus symbol that can trigger a bonus game.

You need a minimum of three couches on an active payline, starting on the first reel, to trigger the bonus game. In this game, you get to select glasses of beer and see what kind of awards they hide. You can keep grabbing beer until you get a “Collect”.

A second bonus game is hiding after the beer selection. It is called the Happy Flower Bonus round. During this game, you can obtain a win multiplier by chosing a bug. The highest possible multiplier is a whopping 175x!


When you win a coin win playing Happy Bugs, you can elect to risk it in a daring game of double-or-nothing. Your job is to correctly guess the colour of a playing card. If you guess right, the money is doubled. If your guess is wrong, you lose the money. You can continue gambling until you guess wrong. Hopefully, you will stop before that happens though. Simply hit the “Collect” button when you want to stop playing double-or-nothing, and you will be returned to the normal game.